Who I am

Baptiste Fouques, expert on railway system for Alstom Transport.

How to join me

For any sensitive correspondence, please use my GPG encryption keys :

  • 0x0f9f2838b20f9db0, to be use in priority
    • fingerprint : 11BA 3102 CADB 66F8 2525 2436 0F9F 2838 B20F 9DB0
  • 0xc02055cdde838c7b, that I might be using, while on the move
    • fingerprint : 2C50 69D9 C475 C757 A0C5 A387 C020 55CD DE83 8C7B

To use encryption

Quick encryption setup for mails : Mailvelope, Full setup : GnuGPG

Other interests